About Us

by Joe Terrell | Last updated 12th July, 2023

We are the Scary Games Vault and we provide you and latest and greatest scary games of all types, for free.

Who is in the Scary Games Vault team?

Joe leads a micro team of browser game mad developers, writers and volunteers based in the United Kingdom, United States and in the Phillipines.

Joe Terrell

joe terrell portrait The founder of the Scary Games Vault team is Joe Terrell, who brings a wealth of browser gaming experience from his previous projects at drifted.com, smartdrivinggames.com and the 180sx.club.

Joe first played browser games when he was a teenager at the newgrounds.com website in the early 2000’s, he went on to a career in website development and he founded the drifted.com website in 2009, scaling it for over 12 years with it eventually evolving into an automotive gaming platform that published drifted.com exclusive games like Drift Hunters MAX and Touge Drift & Racing.

Joe’s focus with the Scary Games Vault website is to provide engaging, entertaining and innovative browser gaming experiences to a global audience of browser game fans.

How to get in touch?

If you would like to get in touch for sponsorship, game recommendations or anything else, you can use the contact page.