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The Scary Games Vault is your home for playing free scary games online. If you are looking for the best selection of hand-picked scary indie horror games, you have found them!

Our carefully curated scary games cover all aspects of the genre; from jump scares, puzzle games, first person shooters and everything in between, the Scary Games Vault is your new scary indie games final destination.

Most popular scary games ranked (March 2024)

  1. Haunted School
  2. Vampire Survivors
  3. Haunted School 2
  4. Antarctica 88
  5. Kuzbass Horror

How do I play scary games online?

Okay, let's get stuck in (pun intended), first, a quick warm-up is in order with a round of Vampire Survivors - an exhilarating 2D Golden Axe-style vampiric adventure. The first time I played it, it sucked 7 minutes out of me before I died. Talk about fast and frantic fun!

Phew - now, that your blood has been warmed up, let's get stuck into Haunted School. It's your job to investigate the demon spirit inhabiting the spooky school and assemble all the equipment required to exorcise it. Trust me, it's not as easy as it sounds...

So, the demonic spirit has been destroyed let's have a little light relief with The Fire Of Belief. Charge your AK-47 and get ready to mow down hordes of demons. Good luck!

Trigger finger starting to suffer? Then let's slow things down and take on the epic horror adventure challenge of Antarctica 88. You are a soldier tasked with investigating the disappearance of an Arctic expedition back in 1988.

We have so many scary games and horror games that you will have plenty to keep you busy at the Scary Games Vault.

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