Scary PS4 Games: 10 Titles to Play with the Lights On

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Two monstrous creatures face off in a dark, eerie forest, illuminated only by the eerie glow of their supernatural powers

Embark on a journey through the world of horror gaming as we unveil our top 10 picks for scary PS4 games that will have you reaching for the light switch.

Venturing into the realm of PlayStation 4 horror games is like willingly signing up for a buffet of heart palpitations and jump scares. These games aren’t just a test of dexterity and puzzle-solving skills; they’re a full-blown assault on the nerves, perfect for those who get a kick out of adrenaline rushes in the safety of their living room couch.

They say laughter and screams are kin, and perhaps that’s why horror games have an uncanny ability to be both terrifying and entertaining.

A dark room with a glowing TV screen, controller on the floor, and eerie shadows cast on the walls

As gamers riffle through the PlayStation Store’s virtual shelves, they find themselves face-to-screen with titles that are the interactive equivalent of a haunted house. Some games, such as the acclaimed Resident Evil 2, blend nostalgia with cutting-edge chills, bringing classic terror to the modern era. Others, like Until Dawn, are akin to a ‘choose your own adventure’ book if it were set during the zombie apocalypse.

While the horror genre is a trove of nightmares waiting to unfold, it’s not without moments of dark humor and irony. After all, nothing eases the tension like a well-timed quip or an outlandish situation that seems almost self-aware. Whether it’s the outlandish premise of fighting off zombies in a tropical paradise in Dead Island 2 or the grotesque yet somehow charming monsters in Bloodborne, there’s no shortage of thrills and laughs. So grab a comfort pillow, dim the lights, and let the PS4 take the lead on this bone-chilling adventure.

Bone-Chilling Basics

When a game sends shivers down a player’s spine and has them jumping at every shadow, it’s not by accident. The artistry of horror weaves together several elements to create an eerily unforgettable gaming experience.

What Makes a Game Scary?

A game crosses into the realm of “scary” when it successfully taps into the player’s primal fears and keeps them on edge. Atmosphere is key—it’s the unsettling silence, pierced by the occasional creak, or the ever-present feeling that something is watching from the darkness. Games like Resident Evil 2 serve up nostalgia with a side of dread, mainly because they balance tension and surprise like a well-seasoned horror chef.

Uncertainty and Vulnerability: Games often limit visibility or weapons, making the player feel exposed. When a player can’t see around the corner or is defenseless, their imagination fills in the terrifying blanks.

Essential Elements of Horror

Narrative and pacing: A gripping horror story isn’t just about monsters but also the rise and fall of tension. Proper pacing allows for a build-up that can make even the bravest soul’s heart race; it’s the anticipation of terror that gnaws at the nerves.

Here’s a list of what might qualify as the ingredients in the cauldron of PS4 horror:

  • Haunting visuals: Detailed environments and eerie character designs can create a visceral reaction. Realistic facial features, such as those found in titles mentioned by Slant, amplify this effect.

  • Sound design: Desolate soundscapes and sharp auditory cues serve as a backbone to fear. Well-placed noises can be scarier than what’s actually on screen, as they exploit the fear of the unknown.

Gameplay Mechanics: Whether it’s solving puzzles under pressure or being pursued by relentless foes, gameplay that puts the player at a disadvantage breeds distress. They create a precarious sense of survival, necessary for a nail-biting experience.

Top Spooky Hits

The PS4 isn’t just a console, it’s a gateway to heart-racing, sofa-clutching terror. If one seeks chills and thrills, these games are like the haunted houses of the digital world, but without the cheesy costumes.

Resident Evil Revelations

Picture this: they’re on a seemingly abandoned cruise ship, and the only cocktail on offer is a virus turning guests into grotesque creatures. Resident Evil Revelations gives “luxury cruise” a whole new meaning. To survive, players must navigate through the eerie, monster-infested hallways, making it a memorable experience for fans of the survival horror genre.

The Last of Us: Remastered

In The Last of Us: Remastered, they’re not just dealing with a fungal apocalypse but also with the emotional weight of escorting a teenager across the remnants of the United States. It’s like a cross-country road trip, but instead of quirky roadside attractions, they find clickers and marauders. Critics and players alike laud this title for its intense gameplay and compelling story.

Until Dawn

A group of friends, an isolated mountain lodge, and choices that can mean life or death—Until Dawn is an interactive horror drama where players’ decisions shape the story. They can expect the butterfly effect in full swing as they navigate this teen slasher adventure, making for a tense and terrifying experience on the PS4.

Indie Terrors

If you’re in the mood to have your wits tested and nerves shattered, the following indie gems on the PlayStation 4 are sure to do the trick. They might lack the blockbuster budget, but they pack a heavyweight punch in the fear department.

Layers of Fear

Imagine if your once pristine home turned into a sinister art gallery designed by a maniacal painter. That’s the indulgent terror buffet of Layers of Fear. Players navigate through an ever-shifting Victorian mansion, uncovering a dark storyline where each brushstroke reveals a new shade of horror.


Lights out, camera on, and diapers at the ready, Outlast throws players into a decrepit mental asylum armed with nothing but sheer courage and a night-vision camcorder. They say that ignorance is bliss, and this is especially true when every creak and groan could lead to a delightful encounter with the facility’s deranged residents.

Psychological Scream-fests

Diving into the world of psychological horror games on the PlayStation 4 is like willingly strapping oneself into a roller coaster designed by your nightmares. They may not always go bump in the night, but they will burrow into the psyche and set up camp.

Silent Hill Reboot

Rumors are milling that the foggy streets of Silent Hill might once again be filled with the echoes of the damned. Gamers are twitching with anticipation, ready to traverse what is arguably one of the densest fogs in gaming history. If they dare reboot this legendary franchise, expect a symphony of psychological chills accompanying every step on the cracked pavement of that ghostly town.

Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice

They don jean jackets and wield controllers like Excalibur, these gallant players set on a journey with Senua. Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice is a haunting ballet of Norse myth and mental illness. Minds are in for a treat, and possibly a trick, as they untangle the threads of reality and illusion, with every gut-wrenching revelation beautifully rendered in disturbing detail.

Zombie Apocalypses

In the realm of thrill-seekers, few things get the adrenaline pumping like the undead shenanigans in PS4 zombie games. “Dying Light” and “Days Gone” epitomize this flesh-eating fiesta, each with its own zest for the post-apocalyptic survival drama.

Dying Light

In “Dying Light,” players find themselves parkouring through a city infested with the voracious undead. It’s a blend of acrobatics and the macabre, where sunset is the gamer’s cue to either shine bright or shamble in fright. With nightfall, the real party begins, as the zombies get a wicked energy boost, turning already fearsome foes into relentless party crashers.

Days Gone

“They went from riding hogs to dodging dogs—of the rabid, undead variety,” one might say about “Days Gone.” Its protagonist, a biker gone bounty hunter, makes the player’s harrowing journey through the Pacific Northwest one for the books, with a special emphasis on stealth and strategic dismemberment. The game’s signature hordes are like rush-hour in the subway: everyone’s pushing, shoving, and in desperate need of more personal space.

Supernatural Showdowns

When gamers crave a chilling mix of horror and folklore, they can’t help but salute the PS4 for delivering the dreaded and the supernatural right to their trembling hands. Brace yourselves as they dive into eldritch nightmares and twisted realities where only the brave dare tread.


They say Yharnam is a city best visited in the daylight—not that daytime makes much difference in the gothic, werewolf-infested nightmare that is Bloodborne. Gamers steel themselves against the horrifying beasts, their knuckles white on the controller. With fast-paced combat and a labyrinthine world full of eldritch monstrosities, it’s the player against the unknown—and the odds are not in their favor.

The Evil Within Series

With The Evil Within, they find themselves in a mind-bending reality where survival is as scarce as a sane thought. In these games, every shadow could hide a grotesque creature, and every turn leads deeper into madness. Players experience the terror of trying to escape the clutches of the sadistic chainsaw-wielding villains and nightmarish creatures, all while unraveling a story as convoluted as it is spine-chilling.

Cinematic Screams

If your PS4 controller doubles as a security blanket during horror games, “Cinematic Screams” on the PlayStation 4 is a thrilling category that blurs the line between movies and gaming.

Man of Medan

In “Man of Medan,” players embark on an aquatic horror voyage that can give Titanic a run for its icebergs when it comes to unexpected deep-sea detours. With a narrative that forks like lightning depending on their choices, gamers will find that every decision is heavier than an anchor, leading to multiple endings—some of which are as grisly as a shark’s grin.

Detroit: Become Human

Detroit: Become Human” spins a futuristic yarn with Androids who aren’t just dreaming of electric sheep—they’re fighting for freedom. Gamers must navigate a maze of moral quandaries, steering their characters towards revolution or ruin. Whether they’re gently guiding these sentient tin men or casting them recklessly into the furnace, players will see their actions reflected in a story that’s more tangled than headphone wires in a pocket.

Spooky Strategies

When diving into the murky depths of PS4 horror games, players need a strong nerve and even stronger strategies. Let’s shine a flashlight on how they can avoid becoming the hapless victim in a horror movie.

Dead by Daylight

In Dead by Daylight, survival is all about teamwork. Players should stick together like glue, yet be stealthy enough not to attract a conga line of serial killers. Pro tip: Don’t be that player who alerts the killer with loud errors in judgment. Remember, teamwork makes the survivor’s dream work.

Resident Evil 2: Remake

Navigating the treacherous halls of the Raccoon City Police Department? Players should stockpile those green herbs like a squirrel prepping for winter. Accuracy is their best friend; conserving ammo is key—as these zombies don’t go down with just a stern look. Strategically using save points could be the thin line between life and an undead food critic’s next meal.

Frequently Asked Questions

Gamers are always on the lookout for the next thrill, especially the kind that has them checking under their beds before sleep. This section is dedicated to the brave souls seeking answers to the most pressing queries about spine-tingling PS4 games.

What spooky delights top the chart for giving gamers the chills on PS4?

Gamers argue fiercely over which game claims the crown of fear, but titles like the Resident Evil 2 remake are often lauded for blending nostalgia with sheer terror. These games often lead the pack, making seasoned gamers yelp like startled Chihuahuas.

Are there any free thrills or am I shelling out cash for my digital scares?

While many of the best scream-inducing experiences on PS4 tend to cost a pretty penny, occasionally there are free options available on platforms like PlayStation Plus that allow one’s wallet to take a break while their nerves do not.

Hey, can I scream with friends? What horror games on PS4 support multiplayer?

Absolutely, one can share their bouts of terror with pals. Games like Dead by Daylight and The Forest turn fright into a team sport, making sure that no one has to squeal in terror alone.

Which multiplayer fright-fests are best for a ghoulish gaming get-together on PS4?

For those who wish to bond over shared scares, Until Dawn presents a cinematic horror adventure that’s great for group decision-making, while The Quarry invites players to determine the fate of hapless camp counselors with friends.

Ghastly queries abound, but what horror titles are PS4 Redditors losing sleep over?

Reddit is a treasure trove of all things horror-gaming with Redditors commonly singing praises for the relentless dread served up by games like Bloodborne and the palpable tension of Alien: Isolation.

Does psychological terror tickle your fancy, and which PS4 games do it best?

For those who prefer their horror served with a side of mental anguish, games like Martha Is Dead skirt the line between reality and the unsettling corners of the mind, ensuring players’ psyches aren’t safe from the horror that lurks therein.